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Have you lost your reseller?  Need emergency technical support? We provide prompt remote support.  Reasonable hourly rate with no minimum charges.   Call us Toll Free at 1-877-932-7766 or in Maryland at 301-874-5002.

We have been exclusively handling SBT Accounting Software (a/k/a "ACCPAC" or "Sage") solutions since 1987.  We have programmers on staff who can help you with your customization requirements as well as technical support or training.  

SBT Software Dealer and Support
AccPac Certified ConsultantAccPac Business Partner
Sage Pro Consultant

We support our existing client base, as well as provide support for "orphaned end users" who no longer have a reseller to work with.   Through the corporate mergers and acquisitions (as described below), many resellers no longer support these product lines.  We are happy to help you however we can.

We can use any of today's standard remote access tools (to gain access to your system) such as, Citrix, VNC, RDP, PC Anywhere, etc. 

Sage vs. ACCPAC vs. SBT? What is ACCPAC? Sage? Did SBT go out of business? Are there any resellers out there still supporting older versions of SBT software?

ACCPAC International purchased SBT Corporation in 2000. Then ACCPAC was purchased by Sage. The "Pro Series" software programs are still continually improved and supported by Sage. You may hear Pro Series referred to as "Sage Pro ERP".  Series 200 means the source code version and Series 100 means compiled/no source code. The latest version was discontinued as of 3/31/14.

Vision Point 10 was discontinued, and is no longer sold or supported by Sage.  (We still support all versions, even going back to the old DOS versions).


Products We Actively Support
Professional Series : All versions
Vision Point : All versions
Series 6 & 7 Versions: 6.2, 6.35, 7

We also have past experience with third party products such as Dynamite, QuoteDesk, F9, and the Lahey products.

Common Issues:
  1. Did your system crash?  Are your files corrupt?  Give us a call, and we'll dial in to diagnose and fix your problem to get you back in business as quickly as possible
  2. Did your printer get jammed during a big AP check run? And now your payables or vendor balances are incorrect?  We know how to quickly fix this...
  3. Could you use a modification to the existing reports to make your job more efficient?  Or maybe would you prefer to see the report output go to an Excel file that you can sort and manipulate on your own?  Easy stuff!
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