SBT Vertical Market Solutions

Vertical solution software packages extend the capabilities of SBT Accounting software.

There are over 200 of these "add-ons" presently available. Solutions vary from Retail, Ditribution and Manufacturing software to Lawn Maintenance, Beauty Salons, and Fish Hatcheries.

Our primary expertise involves inventory. If you are a distributor, wholesaler or manufacturer, then we know your business. While SBT Software generally works extremely well in most of these business models , a software add-on can often times be found to satisfy any remaining requirements reducing the need for additional custom programming.

For a full list of ACCPAC Development Partner Products, please visit

Our most successful SBT "Add-ons" include the following:

  • South By Southwest.
    • Dynamite 2000 Service System
      • The Dynamite Service System is a full featured computerized dispatching software system that tracks field service calls and installations, in-house repairs to customer equipment, maintenance  contracts, technician calendar, customer profitability, and much more.
  • Comptrol, Inc.
    • Job Costing
      • This is a beauty! Written by an ex-SBT employee and CPA.
      • Job Cost provides a system that allows for project management, detailed reporting, and information retrieval capabilities.
      • Integrates with SBT Billing, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Payroll and General Ledger!
    • FoxFire! Report Writer For SBT
      • Create reports for all your requirements, from the simple to the highly complex. Advanced features provide maximum flexibility
  • Lahey Financial Systems, Inc.
    • Production Entry
      • Production Entry is designed for companies that need bill of materials, sales kit, and production entry processing, but don’t require advanced transaction features like work orders tracking, routing, and net requirement planning. It supports up to 99 bill of material levels and real-time costing from SBT Inventory Control.
    • Work Orders
      • Work Orders is designed for manufacturing firms that require work order processing, work-in-progress tracking, routing and requirements planning features. Work Orders can be automatically generated from sales order requirements, inventory shortages, or inventory forecast requirements. Work Orders requires Lahey Production Entry where bills of materials  are stored and maintained.
    • Contact Management
      • Contact Control tracks conversations and events for both customers, vendors and prospects for up to 999 contact names per company. It provides unlimited notes for each contact event

      • and a follow-up field for effective contact management. Each contact record supports 8 phone numbers, 4 user-defined fields, as well as personal information management.
    • Job Costing
      • Job Control provides a budget and cost accounting tool for project and job cost  management. Its design allows for up to four levels of cost tracking with job, phase, category, and cost-type definition. The job account mask supports the optional use of phases and/or categories.

Call or email us if you have further questions on either of these products or SBT Accounting software.

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